Boho Jewellery

Bohemian style Handcrafted  necklace  jewellery . New and never worn before . The featured product has been perfectly handcrafted by renowned designers , none of the pieces we sell are cheap machine made products .


 The products showcased have been sourced from the best around the world . Many of products sold by us are designed for fashion shows across the world . A few surplus pieces are bought by us from our authentic sources around the fashion sphere and are offered for a resell .


 Please note that these are single pieces produced authentically for vogue fashion fests across the globe , NO two  pieces are alike and we don't even have two pieces of the same product . So , you will be the only one wearing it " atleast in this part of the world " . Make all the eyes turn to you when you wear such unique handcrafted dapper whether its a social get-together or a special event.


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